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  • The (Cons And) Cons Of Always Driving On Reserve

    Driving your car on reserve is like snorkelling in False Bay, just past Miller’s Point where the water gets quite deep but is very clear. If you think this sentence is based on experience, you are right. You go down, 10, 15 metres. You can see forever. Look, an octopus over there. Is that a pyjama shark? Ooh, a cuttlefish. You realise you are running out of air, so you beam up. But from the bottom, the surface is just this vague brightness. You cannot judge how close you are to getting that now urgent breath of air.

  • VW Cars For Sale – Part 1: VW Hatchbacks And Sedans

    Looking for quality used VW cars for sale? You’ve come to the right place as Group 1 has a wide selection to choose from. As any owner of a second hand VW will tell you, few brands are as reliable, stylish and affordable, including the VW Polo Vivo, Volkswagen Up!, Golf GTI, Volkswagen Tiguan and VW T6 Caravelle. All of our used cars are of the highest quality so all you have to worry about is finding the right one for you.

  • A Few Things To Check On Your Car Every Six Months

    Some like to tinker with their cars, most of us do not. As long as it gets you from here to there and back with no fuss, your car is just that thing in the driveway. But cars are made up of many parts, some needing to move freely, while others absolutely have to stay where they are. Just think of RPM – revolutions per minute. Say your car runs at 4000 RPM for one hour, that means your crankshaft has turned 240 000 times in that time. Please don’t dismantle your engine to check the crankshaft – this is just a way of showing how much movement there is. Also, your crankshaft will quickly let you know if it runs out of crank.

  • Four Tips For When You Have To Drive In Fog

    Mist is somehow romantic, evocative, a hazy enveloping thing that harks of fireplaces and confectionery. Fog is not. It’s dense, damp, sounds like a swearword and very bad to drive in. The best way to drive in fog is to not. But sometimes you have to, so here are a few tips.

  • The Group 1 Guarantee

    Here at Group 1 Cars we strive to provide a convenient way for people to find the Right Used Car for their needs and budget. To do this we need to assists them with finding the best certified used vehicles in the market. This means that EVERY Used Car, Used SUV or Used LCV that we sell has undergone some of the most stringent quality testing in the country, and we guarantee that each and every vehicle that we sell is of the highest quality both mechanically and condition wise.

    When you purchase a Quality Used Car from Group 1 you’re getting a vehicle that has:

    Passed a strict 101 Point Vehicle Check

    Comes with an optional Group 1 Warranty*

    Has Guaranteed Mileage

    Will always be Licensed and Legal

    Never been stolen

    A Guaranteed Model year

    Comes with an Optional Service Plan*

    20 day exchange promise*

    Full service history whenever possible

    *Terms and Conditions Apply!

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    When searching for Used Cars for Sale in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Port Elizabeth we encourage you to locate one of our established brick and mortar dealerships. You can do this by using our Find a Group 1 Showroom page on this website, or simply by contacting us directly at one of our showrooms in Kuils River, Stellenbosch, Knysna, The Glen, Midrand, Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage. Visit us and put our friendly, knowledgeable staff to the test, while noting that even if you're not in one of the cities or towns mentioned above our Group 1 Nationwide Vehicle Delivery Service will always allow you to take advantage of our Best Used Vehicle Prices, Regular Used Vehicle Promotions and our Exceptional Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles no matter where in South Africa you are.

    Why Use Group 1 Cars?

    We firmly believe that quality trumps quantity, which is why even though we are not the country’s Biggest Used Cars Website, we can guarantee you the best quality vehicles. In fact you only need to take a look at the vehicles on this page to see that we have some real gems listed here, all of which you’ll never find anywhere else. Every vehicle on our physical and digital showroom floor is Exclusive to Us, and is backed by our award winning customer service, outstanding vehicle knowledge and diverse product and brand range.

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