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Four Tips For When You Have To Drive In Fog

Posted by on 23 Apr 2021 under General, Group 1 Cars

Kia Sportage driving in fog

How to stay safe when driving in foggy weather

Mist is somehow romantic, evocative, a hazy enveloping thing that harks of fireplaces and confectionery. Fog is not. It’s dense, damp, sounds like a swearword and very bad to drive in. The best way to drive in fog is to not. But sometimes you have to, so here are a few tips.

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A Step-by-Step Guide On Car Manufacturing

Posted by on 08 Apr 2021 under Blog, General, Group 1 Cars

Ford manufacturing plant

How cars are made

Car manufacturing has come a long way since the early days with Henry Ford laying the foundation for assembly lines and supply chain management. However, vehicle design and the materials used today have become far more intricate and as technology develops and industry demand changes.

Not all car manufacturing plants operate in the same way but the process does involve similar steps from concept and design to production and launch. This can take anywhere from two to five years as the manufacturer must make sure the car is in excellent condition for public use.

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Everything You Need To Know About Buying Used Cars

Posted by on 26 Mar 2021 under Blog, Car Buying Tips, General, Group 1 Cars

Sedan parked in front of a car dealership

Want to buy a used car? Consider these tips!

According to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers South Africa (NAAMSA), more people have been buying used cars in South Africa over the last few years. It’s not surprising especially if you consider the continuously increasing prices of new cars. With more consumers buying used cars, we wanted to share our expertise on what to look out for and how to apply for vehicle finance.

What To Look Out For When Buying Used Cars

While pre-owned vehicles are cheaper, the price should not be the only deciding factor as some could have undisclosed mechanical issues or body damage. There are several pitfalls to buying used cars but this guide will help you make a more informed decision and avoid being duped by chancers.

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The Coolest Part Of Your Car – The Aircon

Posted by on 05 Mar 2021 under Blog, General, Group 1 Cars

Car aircon vents

Things you should know about your car’s air-conditioner

In the olden days, real men had mahogany tanned right arms, because they used to drive with their elbows sticking out of the open window (to show off their biceps). Actually, the window was open to cool the car down. Most cars did not have aircon – in fact, road trips during summer were often done at night to avoid the heat.

Even though air conditioners for cars go as far back as the ‘30s, they were rare for the next fifty years, found only in luxury cars. With time, the cost of aircon came down and by the ‘90s most cars had them. There are very few cars now without.

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5 Ways To Avoid Accidents – Beyond Booze And Speed

Posted by on 25 Feb 2021 under Blog, General, Group 1 Cars

View of people in car from backseat

Accidents aren’t all caused by speeding or drunken driving

My neighbour knocked over a Pride of India tree on my sidewalk and demolished part of my garden wall with her Fiat 500. It was like being attacked by a yuppie skateboard. Her oversized sheepskin slippers got caught between accelerator and brake and that caused the trouble. No-one was hurt, but . . .

When we think of what causes accidents, we rightly jump right into drunk and reckless driving and speeding. So we don’t do those things, yet we still see or have accidents. Like my neighbour. Let’s look at some of the common causes of accidents.

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How To Take Care Of Your Car During Summer

Posted by on 03 Feb 2021 under Blog, General, Group 1 Cars

Woman leaning against car standing in the sun

Taking care of your car during summer

The summer months across most parts of South Africa can be harsh at times with temperatures often far exceeding 30°C. While cars are designed to withstand all sorts of conditions, how much damage can the sun cause and which parts of your car are most susceptible?

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Safety Gear And Loading Tips For Bakkies

Posted by on 25 Jan 2021 under Blog, General

Nissan bakkie loaded with bags

How to load up your bakkie properly and safely

Whether you are moving home or going away for a long weekend, what you use and how you pack can make all the difference. Moving bigger items such as couches, tables and desks can be difficult but these easy loading tips for bakkies will help keep everything as stable and secure as possible. In this article, we take a look at some bakkie accessories along with expert advice on keeping you and your cargo safe.

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Engine Oil: What Is It And How To Tell If It Is Leaking

Posted by on 13 Jan 2021 under Blog, General, Group 1 Cars

Oil dip stick

How to spot an oil leak

Fluid under your car is always alarming – unless you have a very small dog or your aircon was working overtime and the condensation is dripping. If you notice any discoloured patches under your car in its normal parking spot, pay attention. It could be brake fluid, transmission fluid or steering fluid. Have it checked out soon. But the biggie is oil.

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Dos And Don’ts Of Carrying Cargo On Your Car Roof

Posted by on 21 Dec 2020 under Blog, General, Group 1 Cars

Land Rover with luggage on roof

How to tie cargo to your car’s roof safely

We often have to transport stuff that simply won’t fit in the car. The logical thing is to tie it on your car’s roof and there you go. Let’s look at this. There are certain dos and don’ts to this practice.

In the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation, the granny dies during the road trip, so they tie her to the roof rack. Do not do this.

However, if you often have to transport the same bulky item, say a couple of mountain bikes or kayaks or extra luggage for weekend trips, shop around and get dedicated roof racks/carriers to do that job. It will cost a bit, but the ease of use and the built-in safety will make it worth your while.

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How To Stay Safe On A South African Road Trip

Posted by on 09 Dec 2020 under Blog, General, Group 1 Cars

Winding road in South Africa

Road safety to keep in mind when road tripping in South Africa

Whether you live in South Africa or visiting from abroad, a road trip across this beautiful country is a must. From the stunning shorelines of the Western Cape to the glorious Garden Route and beyond, you will be mesmerized by the sheer beauty. However, the high crime in South Africa is a factor you need to consider but if you stay vigilant and follow these important safety tips, you’ll enjoy a road trip of a lifetime.

Road Trip Safety Tips For South Africa

Considering that public transport is not as reliable or safe as it should be, you should ideally really rent a car. With the vast landscapes and long open roads, public transport simply won’t cut it. It’s true that hijackings are common but don’t let that deter you from travelling. If you pay attention to your surroundings and adhere to a few basic safety tips, it shouldn’t bother you at all.

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