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450 16th Road

Conveniently situated just off of the N12 in Bassonia, you will find some of the very best quality Cars for Sale in Johannesburg at some of the best prices in Gauteng (if not the country). In fact, Group 1 Cars prides itself on providing award-winning service to customers who expect the very best. Which is why we always strive to offer:

  • The Best Priced Cars for Sale in Johannesburg
  • The Best Vehicle Showroom Service in Johannesburg
  • The VERY Best Quality Cars, SUV’s, Crossovers and LCV’s Currently Available Anywhere in South Africa

We do this through the collective servicing and buying power behind our nationwide showrooms, all of which are affiliated to some of the Biggest Selling Car Brands in the country! These include Nissan, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Renault, Mahindra and Datsun. Additionally, we also stock many other popular Used Car for Sale in Johannesburg such as:

  • Used Jeeps
  • Used Land Rovers
  • Used Range Rovers
  • Used Minis
  • Used Toyotas
  • Used BMWs
  • Used Fords
  • Used Audis
  • Used Mercedes
  • Used Fiats
  • Used Chevrolets
  • Used Volvos
  • Used Volkswagens
  • Used Kia

Johannesburg Cars for Sale Available to the Nation

All of the Cars for Sale on this page are available to our customers not just in Johannesburg and Gauteng, but also in the Eastern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, the Northern Cape, North West and the Western Cape! This is all thanks to our nationwide new and used vehicle delivery network, which can get any vehicle on this page directly to your door. The advantage of buying a Used Car for Sale in Johannesburg is that it generally would not have been exposed to the ocean air, which means there is a much lesser chance of any rust issues further down the line. There is also a much wider range of vehicles generally found for sale in Johannesburg. This is partly due to the size of the cities population but is also influenced by a number of other factors including the fact that people in Johannesburg generally tend to drive more (and further) than in many other South African provinces and cities.

Thanks to our exceptional Vehicle Delivery Service, we also deliver any of our Cars For Sale in Johannesburg to all of the following regions of the city:

  • Inner city
  • Eastern suburbs
  • South-eastern suburbs and Soweto
  • Northern suburbs
  • North-western suburbs
  • Southern suburbs

Premium Quality Cars for Sale in Johannesburg

No matter if you’re looking for an entry-level vehicle such as the Datsun GO or a top of the range SUV such as the BMW X7 the one thing we can guarantee is that you’ll ALWAYS only find the very best quality cars here at Group 1. Each and every one of our Premium Quality Cars for Sale in Johannesburg is handpicked by our knowledgeable staff and personally checked by our team of highly trained auto technicians to ensure that only the Very Best Quality Cars for Sale in Johannesburg make it to our showroom floors.

Call Us About Cars for Sale in Johannesburg!

You can call us Monday to Saturday during trading hours on 011 210 7600, or email us at Alternatively, you can visit us at the corner of Skukuza and Lois Road in Bassonia where our Group 1 Pre-owned Showroom is situated. You can also go to our Contact Us page to find out where our other Group 1 Showrooms are if you’re not only looking for a Cars for Sale in Johannesburg but elsewhere in the country.