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Used VW Polo Vivo for Sale

The Used VW Polo Vivo for Sale is an affordable way of owning what is already one of the best priced Volkswagen cars in South Africa! Since they were first introduced as a replacement for the ageing Volkswagen CitiGolf (you can read more about these amazing cars on our Used VW Golf page) in 2010 the Polo Vivo has earned a place in South African automotive history. It is a uniquely South African vehicle which is sold nowhere else in the world, and was re-engineered using first the MK4 Polo and more recently the MK5 Polo as a base with local driving conditions and drivers in mind.

2nd Generation VW Polo Vivo
2018 – Today

With an advertising slogan of “wherever life may take you”, one thing is for sure the New Second Generation Volkswagen VW Polo Vivo is a vehicle which is designed to be enjoyed. Packed full of both conventional and digital convenience features, as well as a number of impressive safety features, the Vivo is sure to hit all of the right notes with price-conscious car owners who want the best possible vehicle at the lowest possible price.

The latest iteration of the VW Polo Vivo comes in a number of vehicle variations, including:

  • Polo Vivo 55kW Trendline Manual
  • Polo Vivo 63kW Comfortline Manual
  • Polo Vivo 77kW Comfortline Tiptronic
  • Polo Vivo 77kW Highline Manual
  • Polo Vivo 77kW Maxx Manual
  • Polo Vivo 81kW GT Manual

Did You Know? Originally available as the Polo Vivo Hatchback and the Polo Vivo Sedan in the previous generation of Vivo (see below for more information), the current generation of Vivo is only sold in Hatchback format!

2nd Generation VW Polo Vivo at a Glance

Power Train


  • 1.4 L petrol


  • 6-speed manual
  • 7-speed automatic


  • 2,470 mm


  • 3,952 mm


  • 1,682 mm


  • 1,454 mm

1st Generation VW Polo Vivo
2010 – 2018

With the end of CitiGolf production in South Africa announced on the 11 March 2010, Volkswagen made the exciting announcement that it would be replaced by a very special and very unique version of the MK4 Polo which was to be sold as the entry-level Polo Vivo. Right from launch, in lines available with a choice of 3 layouts, these being:

  • A 3-door Polo Vivo
  • A 5-door Polo Vivo
  • And a Polo Vivo Sedan Car

It had a restyled front bumper as well as a new grill, and numerous changes were made to the original MK4 Polo layout such as the repositioning of the side indicators to the front fenders from the wing mirrors and the removal of scuff strips from both the bumpers and sides of the vehicle. New styling elements were also introduced which brought the Polo Vivo more inline with the design language being used by Volkswagen across its entire vehicle range at the time.

Did You Know? The first generation of VW Polo Vivo was built in Uitenhage using parts which were sourced mainly (70% of all materials used to manufacture the Vivo) from inside South Africa itself.

1st Generation VW Polo Vivo at a Glance

Power Train


  • 1.4 litre petrol engine (55 kW & 63 kW)
  • 1.6 litre petrol engine (77 kW)


  • 5-speed manual
  • 4-speed automatic
  • 6-speed automatic


  • Sedan: 2,465 mm
  • 3-door: 2,460 mm
  • 5-door: 2,454 mm


  • Sedan: 4,198 mm
  • 5-door Hatchback: 3,897 mm


  • 1,650 mm


  • Sedan: 1,501 mm
  • 5-door: 1,467 mm
  • 3-door: 1,452 mm

Volkswagen Polo Vivo FAQ’s

Q: Is the Polo Vivo safe?
A: Yes it is! Volkswagen is known for its focus on passenger and driver safety, and the latest Polo Vivo is no exception to this rule. In fact, since it was first launched the Vivo has come standard with a range of safety features (including airbags and ISOFIX mountings) which are rather surprising for a vehicle in its price range. To find out more about the safety features in our Used Volkswagen Polo Vivo cars please chat to one of our dedicated Pre-owned Sales Team.

Q: Does the Polo Vivo allow you to play music off of your phone?
A: Yes it does! The latest Polo Vivo models even have App-Connect, which allows you to access your iPhone/CarPlay screen, as well as selected mobile apps and music syncing through the cars infotainment system.

Q: How many model variants of the Polo Vivo are there?
A: There are 4 model variants sold in South Africa. These are the Polo Vivo Trendline, the Polo Vivo Comfortline, the Polo Vivo Highline, The Polo Vivo Maxx and the Polo Vivo GT. Currently, New Polo Vivo is only sold in a Hatchback layout, but the previous generation was sold as both a Hatchback and a Sedan.

Used VW Polo Vivo Prices

Used VW Polo Vivo Prices are determined by the model type, model age and vehicle layout. These include:

Post-2018 onwards:

  • The Polo Vivo Hatchback (2018 and 2019 models)

Prior to 2018:

  • Polo Vivo Hatchback (2010 – 2018 models)
  • Polo Vivo Sedan (2010 – 2018 models)

To find out more about the Prices of the Used Polo Vivo on our showroom floors and on this website, please contact us at any one of the following Group1 Pre-owned Showrooms:

Interested in seeing the previous Polo Vivo models we’ve sold?

When VW launched the Polo Vivo in 2010, it was the car to replace the massive gap left by the discontinued Citi Golf. Now in its second generation, the VW Polo Vivo is specced to hit the sweet spot between affordable and feature rich motoring. A used VW Polo Vivo is the most sought after VW in South Africa, as it is a uniquely South African car designed specifically for our conditions. Here are some of the VW Polo Vivo models we have previously sold.

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Hatch My19 1.4 Trendline

Price: R 174,900

  • 2019
  • 51,289 km
  • Manual
  • Petrol

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Hatch 1.4 Trendline

Price: R 169,900

  • 2019
  • 59,374 km
  • Manual
  • Petrol

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Hatch 1.6 Gt 3-Door

Price: R 159,900

  • 2014
  • 66,000 km
  • Manual
  • Petrol

Used VW Polo Vivo in the Western Cape

When looking for a Used VW Polo Vivo in the Western Cape please visit us at one of our showrooms in:

Group1 Pre-Owned Kuils River
Tel: 021 900 5200

Group1 Cars Stellenbosch
Tel: 021 201 1867

Group1 Cars Kuils River
Tel: 021 903 0500

Group1 Cars Strand
Tel: 021 891 2866

Group1 Cars George
Tel: 044 008 5041

Group1 Cars Knysna
Tel: 044 302 2600

Please note that we can also deliver any vehicles purchased at our showrooms or via this website to anywhere in the Western Cape.

Used VW Polo Vivo in Gauteng

With two Group1 Showrooms in Johannesburg, and the ability to deliver anywhere in the province, it is easy to find the right Used VW Polo Vivo for Sale in Gauteng at the right price at:

Group1 Cars Midrand
Tel: 087 057 9788

Group1 Cars Alberton
Tel: 010 593 4393

Group1 Pre-Owned Gleneagles
Tel: 011 210 7600

Used VW Polo Vivo in the Eastern Cape

Some of the best quality Used VW Polo Vivo for Sale in the Eastern Cape can be found at our showroom in the “birthplace” of the Volkswagen Polo Vivo in Uitenhage! Contact us at Group1 Pre-owned in the Eastern Cape at:

Group1 Cars Uitenhage
Tel: 041 994 1800

All Used VW Polo Vivo for Sale on this website can be delivered directly to the city or town of your choice almost anywhere in South Africa!

Image source: Wikipedia