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The Demo Cars for Sale at Group1 have previously been used to highlight all of the best qualities to prospective buyers, which means that they are usually of the highest spec and trim level. They are literally moving advertisements for the respective vehicle brand and show off the capabilities of the vehicle to help ensure better sales.

Here at Group1 Pre-owned, we stock a number of Demo Cars for Sale, including but not at all limited to all of the following popular brands:

  • Hyundai Demo Vehicles
  • Nissan Demo Vehicles
  • Renault Demo Vehicles
  • Mitsubishi Demo Vehicles

Why Buy a Demo Car?

When you buy a Demo Car you are getting an almost new vehicle which offers good value for money and which is exceptionally well maintained. In fact, in almost every case a Demo Car for Sale will still have part of its Service Plan* in place and will still be covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty*.

Demo Cars offer a lot of “bang for your buck”, and are some of the most popular sellers on our showroom floors. If you are interested in purchasing one of the Demo Cars for Sale on this page, then please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Alternatively, you can refer to our Demo Cars FAQ’s below to learn more:

Demo Cars FAQ’s

Q: Is it a good idea to buy a Demo car?
A: Yes it is, as long as it is from a reputable dealer such as Group1. The reason for this is that you will in most cases be purchasing the best possible version of that specific demo car at a reduced price. These cars are always well looked after as they are used to demonstrate to potential buyers the best features of the car. A reputable dealership will ensure that you get the best deal on this Demo Model.

Q: How much cheaper is a Demo Car than a New Car?
A: This all depends on the make, model, trim level, additional (optional) features which have been added, remaining service plan, remaining warranty and mileage. Please refer to the vehicles on this page for an individual vehicle breakdown.

Q: Is a Demo Car New or Used?
A: Technically speaking a demo car has been used, but it will always be in a very good condition because it is used to showcase the vehicle’s abilities and features. From an administrative perspective, a Demo Vehicle has never previously been sold to an individual buyer but a Used Car has. Both vehicles have been driven by other people before being sold, however!

Buy a Demo Vehicle Anywhere in SA!

Each one of the Demo Cars for Sale at Group1 can be transported to almost anywhere in South Africa when you purchase it. This means that you can take advantage of our money-saving Demo Vehicle Prices even if there is not a Group1 Pre-owned Showroom near you. Our Dealerships are situated in Gauteng, the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape, but our sales network is nationwide. Pick the Perfect Demo Car for you and your budget right here, right now!

*Please speak to one of our Group1 Sales Team to confirm how much of the service plan or manufacturers warranty for the Demo Model you are interested in purchasing is still remaining and available to you.