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When looking for Quality Used Cars for Sale in Port Elizabeth, and the surrounding areas of Summerstand, Walmer, Humewood, New Brighton, Bethelsdorp, Motherwell and Dispatch, there is no better place to visit than Group 1 Pre-owned, which is situated just off of William Moffet at the corner of 5th Avenue and Cape Road in P.E.

Why Purchase a Vehicle from Group 1 in Port Elizabeth?

As part of one of the largest Mega Dealerships in the country, we have access to a wide range of Used Vehicles for Sale in Port Elizabeth, as well as the rest of South Africa. This allows us to offer the best quality vehicles at the best prices because we source from far and wide to ensure that only the very best vehicles are found on our showroom floors at all times. From sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs Crossovers and LCVs, there are very few vehicles that we don’t sell or cannot source for you in Port Elizabeth. Some of our most popular current models include:

  • Used Jeep Vehicles
  • Used Land Rover
  • Used Range Rover
  • Used Volkswagen Vehicles
  • Used GWM Vehicles
  • Used Mahindra Vehicles
  • Used Toyota Vehicles
  • Used BMW Vehicles
  • Used Ford Vehicles
  • Used Audi Vehicles
  • Used Mercedes Benz Vehicles
  • Used Renault Vehicles
  • Used Hyundai Vehicles
  • Used Kia Vehicles
  • Used Honda Vehicles
  • Used Fiat Vehicles
  • Used Mini Vehicles

We’ll happily take your current vehicle as a trade-in, as long as it is in good working order. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us about any of the Used Cars for Sale in Port Elizabeth found on this page.

We Deliver Anywhere in South Africa*

Not in Port Elizabeth? No problem! If you’re looking for a Quality Vehicle for Sale anywhere in South Africa then we can deliver it directly to your door no matter where in the Country you are. We have a team of automotive transport experts who have years of experience transporting vehicles to the far ends of South Africa, and this means that they can get any Used Car for Sale in Port Elizabeth and transport it safely to your door with the minimum of fuss and at an affordable price.

Book a Used Cars Test Drive in Port Elizabeth!

Each and every one of the Used Cars for Sale in Port Elizabeth can be made available to you for a test drive. Please feel free to contact us to book a test drive at any time, and enjoy one of the easiest vehicle purchasing services currently offered anywhere in Port Elizabeth or the surrounding areas.

*Terms & Conditions Apply