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  • 2015
  • 98,237 km
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • Group1 Auto Uitenhage
  • 2019
  • 121,000 km
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • Group1 Auto Stellenbosch
  • 2017
  • 105,000 km
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • Group1 Auto George
  • 2020
  • 55,475 km
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • Group1 Auto Edenvale
  • 2020
  • 55,475 km
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • Group1 Auto Alberton

Used Ford EcoSport for Sale

Used Ford EcoSport for Sale are changing the way people view family cars! This SUV is possibly one of the best urban vehicles ever sold in South Africa, and have proven to be top sellers both as new and pre-owned vehicles across the country. In fact the Used EcoSports for Sale at Group1 Pre-owned regularly outsell almost all other Ford vehicles that we stock due to their reputation for reliability, their generous safety specs, their remarkable comfort features and their memorable stylish good looks.

The current generation of EcoSport, which is the first to be sold in South Africa, consists of 5 model variants, 3 trim levels, 3 transmission options and 2 engine options. These EcoSport Models are the very impressive:

  • 1.5 TDCi Ambiente 5-speed Manual Transmission
  • 1.0 EcoBoost Trend 6- speed Manual Transmission
  • 1.0 EcoBoost Trend 6-speed Automatic Transmission
  • 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium 6-speed Manual Transmission
  • 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium 6-speed Automatic Transmission

Colour options when bought new include Blue Lightning, Diamond White, Frozen White, Moondust Silver, Silk, Smoke, Magnetic and Ruby Red.

Ford EcoSport is Designed to Be Loved

Second Generation Ford EcoSport
2013 – Present

This generation of EcoSport is the first to be sold in South Africa and the first generation of the Ford EcoSport brand name to be sold globally. It was officially launched in Brazil on the 14th of July 2012 and was rolled out globally a month later.

By 2015 more than 200,000 Ford EcoSport SUV’s had been sold globally, with the biggest individual sales numbers coming from India, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and Europe. The EcoSport has only recently (2018) been launched in the U.S.A. and includes all of the latest styling and spec updates that can be seen in the the post 2017 Ford EcoSport Facelift, which includes a revised front end design, and a slight changes to the rear end of the vehicle.

Did You Know? This generation of Ford EcoSport uses the award winning Ford SYNC driver connect system. This vehicle command system was co developed with Microsoft and is changing the way software companies and vehicle manufacturers are working together.

2nd Generation Ford EcoSport at a Glance

Power Train


  • 1.0 L EcoBoost Petrol
  • 1.5 TDCi Diesel


  • 5-speed manual
  • 6-speed manual
  • 6-speed automatic


  • 2,519 mm


  • 4,017 mm


  • 1,765 mm


  • 1,650 mm

Please Note! The First Generation Ford EcoSport was sold in Central and South American countries only, with all models being assembled in Ford’s Camaçari Factory in Brazil. It was sold between 2004 and 2012 and regularly featured on the top selling vehicle lists in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Mexico.

Ford EcoSport FAQ’s

Q: Which Ford EcoSport model is the most popular in South Africa?
A: The 1.0 EcoBoost Trend with 6-speed manual transmission is one of the top selling vehicles in the EcoSport range. This is due to the fact that it offers a lot of car for its price point, and comes standard with a host of safety and comfort features that one would expect in a premium luxury SUV.

Q: Are used Ford EcoSports reliable?
A: To find out more about owning a used Ford EcoSport – read great used Ford EcoSport reviews on the following websites: U.S. News, RAC, AA, Car Dekho, Top Gear, Cars Guide, What Car?, Auto Express.

Q: What is the top of the Ford EcoSport Range?
A: The Titanium Trim Level is the top of the EcoSport Range and it is available with both a manual transmission or an automatic transmission option.

Q: Is there a Ford EcoSport Diesel Option?
A: Yes, there is the 1.5 TDCi Ambiente with a 5-speed manual transmission available in South Africa.

Q: How Many EcoSport Variants are there?
A: There are 5 model variants available and 3 trim levels. These include the 1.5 Ambiente 5MT, 1.5 TDCi Ambiente 5MT, 1.5 Ambiente 6AT, 1.0 EcoBoost Trend 6MT, 1.0 EcoBoost Trend 6AT, 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium 6MT, 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium 6AT.

Q: How Many EcoSport Variants are there?
A: There are 5 model variants available and 3 trim levels.

Q: What Used EcoSport Year Models are available?
A: Launched in 2013 and with strong sales posted every year since then, there will always be a number of Used Ford EcoSport for Sale at Group1 Pre-owned. Popular model years include, but are not limited to, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and even 2018 Ford EcoSport models for sale.

Used Ford EcoSport Prices

Used Ford EcoSport Prices at Group1 are all based on the same criteria, namely the age of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle, the trim level of the EcoSport, the engine type of the vehicle, the mileage of the vehicle and if any additional optional Ford Approved EcoSport Accessories have been added to the vehicle. To find out more about the current Ford EcoSport Prices on this website please view the available vehicles on this page. Alternatively you can contact us to chat about the EcoSport Pricing at any one of our Group1 Pre-owned Showrooms below:

Interested in seeing the previous Ford EcoSport models we’ve sold?

The most popular family-sized Ford in South Africa, this exceptional crossover gives you a world-class blend of features, safety and great fuel consumption. It gives you the ability of a crossover with the driving feel of a hatch to make it the perfect family/work/road trip vehicle. Take a look at some used Ford EcoSport models we have previously sold.

Ford Ecosport 1.5tivct Titanium P/Shift

Price: R 223,400

  • 2016
  • 66,000 km
  • Automatic
  • Petrol

Ford Ecosport 1.0 Ecoboost Trend A/T

Price: R 268,250

  • 2018
  • 28,642 km
  • Automatic
  • Petrol

Ford Ecosport 1.5 Tivct Titanium P/Shift

Price: R 238,280

  • 2017
  • 102,000 km
  • Automatic
  • Petrol

Ford Ecosport 1.5 Tivct Titanium Powershift

Price: R 194,900

  • 2015
  • 78,885 km
  • Automatic
  • Petrol

Used Ford EcoSport for Sale in the Western Cape

Stellenbosch, Kuils River and Knysna are the homes of Group1 Pre-owned in the Western Cape where you will find competitively priced quality Used Ford EcoSport SUV’s for Sale:

Group1 Pre-Owned Kuils River
Tel: 021 900 5200

Group1 Cars Stellenbosch
Tel: 021 201 1867

Group1 Cars Kuils River
Tel: 021 903 0500

Group1 Cars Strand
Tel: 021 891 2866

Group1 Cars George
Tel: 044 008 5041

Group1 Cars Knysna
Tel: 044 302 2600

Used Ford EcoSport for Sale in Gauteng

With two Group1 Pre-owned Showrooms in Johannesburg there should always be an EcoSport that is perfect for your needs waiting for you in Gauteng:

Group1 Cars Midrand
Tel: 087 057 9788

Group1 Cars Alberton
Tel: 010 593 4393

Group1 Pre-Owned Gleneagles
Tel: 011 210 7600

Used Ford EcoSport for Sale in the Eastern Cape

Purchase a Used Ford EcoSport for Sale in Uitenhage at our showroom in the Eastern Cape:

Group1 Cars Uitenhage
Tel: 041 994 1800

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