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Used VW Caddy For Sale

All of the Used VW Caddy for Sale at Group 1 provide affordable fleet vehicle solutions and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) options for any size business! These reliable and extremely rugged vehicles make for great urban LCV’s and have a long history in South Africa that dates back to 1982. Currently in their Third Generation, these amazing vehicles also now have a family-focused People Carrier Model Variant. In fact, the latest generation of Used VW Caddy is one of the most versatile vehicles that we sell thanks to their ability to move both people and goods around in a safe yet comfortable manner. Pre-owned Caddy model variants include:

  • Caddy Crew Bus: A LCV that is focused around people!
  • Caddy Trendline: As family-focused as it gets!
  • Caddy Alltrack: The family vehicle that has all of the extra comfort features
  • Caddy Panel Van: A 100% LCV that is great for carrying multiple load types!

The History of the VW Caddy in South Africa

Third Generation VW Caddy (Type 2K)
2003 – Present

Launched at the RAI Commercial Vehicle Show in Amsterdam in 2003, the current generation of VW Caddy has quickly become one of the most well-regarded LCVs ever built by Volkswagen. Reliable, safe, easy and cost effective to maintain, it is one of the most versatile vehicles in VW’s impressive model lineup.

Available in both People Carrier and LCV versions, there are two VW Caddy body sizes, namely “Normal” and Maxi. Its build has much in common with both the Volkswagen Golf Mk5 and the Volkswagen Touran, and as much as 50% of its build modules are taken directly from these two vehicles. The Caddy underwent extensive visual and feature upgrades in 2010 and again in 2015.

Did You Know? The Third Generation VW Caddy is one of the most awarded vehicles that Volkswagen has ever built. Some of the most prestigious awards include:

  • UK Professional Van and Light Truck Magazine Small Van of the Year for 2007
  • Van Fleet World Best Small Van for 2007
  • 2008 Best Small Van Award in Fleet News
  • Professional Van and Light Truck Magazine Small Van of the Year Award for 2008 was given to the VW Caddy Maxi
  • Best Small Van of 2008 was awarded to the VW Caddy Maxi
  • What Van? Voted the 2008 Caddy Maxi as its Editor’s Choice 2008

Third Generation VW Caddy at a Glance

Power Train


  • 1.6i 81kW
  • 2.0 TDI 81kW
  • 2.0 TDI 103kW DSG®


  • 5-speed manual
  • 7-speed DSG®


  • 2682 mm – 3006 mm (Model Variant Dependent)


  • 4408 mm – 4878 mm (Model Variant Dependent)


  • 1822 mm – 1831 mm (Model Variant Dependent)


  • 2065 mm with mirrors

First Generation VW Caddy (Type 14)
1979 – 2007

Based on the Volkswagen Golf Mk1, the first Caddy was released for sale in 1979 in North America as the VW Rabbit, with the Caddy name only being used once it was launched in Europe and South Africa in 1982. This generation of Volkswagen Caddy was only ever available as a pickup (bakkie), both here in South Africa as well as abroad.

Did You Know? The First Generation VW Caddy was discontinued everywhere but in South Africa in 1996, with production in South Africa continuing until 2007. In fact, the original stamping equipment was shipped from the closed plant in Westmoreland USA that first produced the VW Rabbit and Golf Mk1. This extremely long production run, as well as the reliability and great build quality of the Caddy, means that there are still many First Generation VW Caddy Bakkies found on South African roads.

First Generation VW Caddy at a Glance

Power Train


  • 1.6 petrol: 63 kW
  • 1.6 petrol: 60 kW
  • 1.6 diesel: 44 kW
  • 1.8 petrol: 70 kW


  • 64-speed manual
  • 5-speed manual
  • 3-speed automatic


  • 2,625 mm


  • 4,380 mm


  • 1,490 mm


  • 1,640 mm

Please Note! The Second Generation VW Caddy was never released in South Africa due to the ongoing popularity of the First Generation Model.

Used VW Caddy FAQ’s

Q: Is the VW Caddy safe?
A: Absolutely yes! Although the people carrier and higher trim level versions of the Caddy have even more safety features, every model type has the following Standard Safety Features: Driver and front passenger airbags (incl. front passenger deactivation) and 3-point front seatbelts. Model and trim level dependent safety features include (but are not limited to): Seatbelts in 2nd and 3rd row of seats, first aid kit and warning triangle and side and curtain airbags for both the driver and the front passenger.

Q: Is a VW Caddy a reliable?
A: The VW Caddy is one of the most well respected VW LCV and People Carriers in the business! Its reliability is legendary, and it forms part of many business fleets as well as plays the part of family-vehicle across the country.

Q: Is there a VW Caddy with Automatic Transmission?
A: Yes, the latest versions of the VW Caddy has a 7-speed DSG® transmission option in certain models. Please chat to one of our Group 1 Pre-owned staff about your specific transmission needs.

Used VW Caddy Prices

When determining our Used VW Caddy Prices we take into account a number of factors, the most important of which are the:

  • VW Caddy Age: This also takes into account the generation of the Caddy in question! Generally the newer models come with better features and might even have part of the Warranty or Service Plan still in place. All of these age factors will be taken into account when determining Used VW Caddy Prices.
  • VW Caddy Model Type: Everything from engine type to trim level and vehicle size (“Normal” or Maxi) will help to determine the VW Caddy Price.
  • VW Caddy Optional Extras: Many previous owners add optional extras to their vehicles, such as GPS or a towbar, all of which will have an affect on the Price of the VW Caddy in question.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the VW Caddy for Sale on this page to discuss prices and promotions that might apply to the model that you’re interested in.

Find a Used VW Caddy in the Western Cape

You can find quality Used VW Caddy Vehicles for Sale in the Western Cape and Cape Town at one of the following 3 Group 1 Pre-owned Showrooms:

Group 1 Pre-owned in Kuils River
021 900 5200

Group 1 Pre-owned in Stellenbosch
021 887 6900

Group 1 Pre-owned in Knysna
044 302 2600

Find a Used VW Caddy in Gauteng

With two showrooms in Johannesburg to choose from, there should always be a Used VW Caddy for Sale in Gauteng for you to purchase! Visit us at:

Group 1 at The Glen
010 593 4393

Group 1 in Midrand
011 312 2678

Find a Used VW Caddy in the Eastern Cape

Our two showrooms in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage offer quality Used VW Caddy for Sale to fleet owners and families all over the Eastern Cape. Please call or visit us at:

Group 1 in Port Elizabeth
041 994 1800

Group 1 in Uitenhage
041 994 1800

Please Note! All of the VW Caddy for Sale on this page are available for nationwide delivery should you not live near any one of our showrooms. Please contact us to find out more.

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