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Used Mazda2 for Sale

If you’re looking to own a quality pre-owned vehicle that ticks all of the right safety, reliability and style boxes then take a look at the Used Mazda2 for Sale on this page! This supermini was originally launched as the Mazda 121 (not sold locally here in South Africa) but soon evolved into one of the best B-segment Cars to ever hit the shores of South Africa. It is packed full of features most people would expect to find in a much bigger (and more expensive) car, which means that a Used Mazda2 gives you a lot of car for what you pay for it.

Two Generations of Mazda2 in South Africa:

4th Generation Mazda2
2014 – Today

Based on the Mazda Hazumi Concept model, the fourth and current generation of Mazda2 is one of the most popular iterations of this vehicle to be sold globally. Again available in both sedan and hatchback model variants overseas (only the hatchback is sold here in South Africa), the Mazda2 has proven to be formidable sales force here at home thanks to the fact that it can be purchased in multiple trim levels which each offer something unique. These Mazda2 Trim Levels are:

  • 1.5 Litre Active
  • 1.5 Litre Dynamic
  • 1.5 Litre Individual
  • 1.5 Litre Individual Plus
  • 1.5 Litre De Hazumi

Did You Know? Almost immediately after launch in 2014, the Mazda2 under its Japanese sales name of “Demio” was awarded the 2014–2015 “Japanese Car of the Year” in its home country. There is also another name which the Mazda2 goes under in North America which might surprise many, as it is sold as a variant of the Toyota Yaris range in Both the United States and Canada.

4th Generation Mazda2 at a Glance

Power Train


  • 1.3 L SkyActiv Petrol (Not available in South Africa)
  • 1.5 L SkyActiv Petrol
  • 1.5 L SkyActiv Diesel (Not Available in South Africa)


  • 5-speed SkyActiv manual
  • 6-speed SkyActiv manual
  • 6-speed SkyActiv automatic


  • 2,570 mm


  • 1,495 mm (hatchback)
  • 1,470 mm (sedan)

Kerb Weight

  • 1,025 kg (hatchback)
  • 1,045 kg (sedan)

Build Platform

  • Mazda DJ platform

3rd Generation Mazda2
2007 – 2014

Unveiled at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, this third generation of Mazda2 was the first to be sold in South Africa. During its 7 years sales run there were numerous updates and upgrades made to the vehicle, these included updates to the interior in 2008, small exterior design tweaks in 2011 and an engine update in 2013.

This generation of Mazda2 attained a 5-star safety rating for adult occupants during its Euro NCAP Safety Test.

Did You Know? This generation of Mazda2 was awarded the prestigious 2008 World Car of the Year title due to its reliability, stylish design, extensive safety features and overall value for money! This generation of Mazda2 has proven to be extremely popular in the Used Cars Market, and is still very much in demand on our showroom floors. This generation of Mazda2 was built on the same build platform as the Ford Fiesta sold at the time.

3rd Generation Mazda2 at a Glance

Power Train


  • 1.3 L Petrol
  • 1.5 L Petrol
  • 1.4 L Diesel
  • 1.6 L Diesel


  • 4-speed automatic
  • 5-speed manual
  • CVT automatic


  • 2,490 mm (2007–2010)
  • 2,492 mm (2011– 2014)


  • 1,475 mm (hatchback)
  • 1,480 mm (sedan)

Kerb Weight

  • 1,038 kg (hatchback)
  • 1,053 kg (sedan)

Build Platform

  • Mazda DE platform

The First Two Mazda2 Generations

The first two international models in the Mazda2 lineage were not sold in South Africa. The first generation was known as the Mazda Demio and was rebadged as the Mazda2 when the second generation was launched in 2002. This second generation model was sold until 2007 when the third generation version of the Mazda2 (see above) was launched. Other names which previous generations or predecessors of the Mazda2 have been marketed outside of South Africa include the Mazda 121 and the Mazda Metro.

Used Mazda2 Prices

Used Mazda2 Prices in South Africa are affordable thanks to the fact that Mazda is a trusted brand that manufactures reliable vehicles which are sold as new at very competitive prices. This translates into BIG savings for people like you who are looking to own a quality Used Mazda2! Please keep in mind that when enquiring about Used Mazda2 prices the following facts are taken into consideration when determining the price of the vehicle you’re interested in:

  • The age of the vehicle
  • The mechanical condition of the vehicle (don’t worry, we only sell the best vehicles)
  • The vehicle’s mileage
  • Any Mazda Approved additional features which have been added (if any)
  • If it is a Used Mazda2 Sedan or a Mazda2 Hatchback
  • Trim level

If you would like to chat to us about the Prices of the Mazda2 Vehicles on this page, then please contact us at one of our showrooms listed below:

Used Mazda2 in the Western Cape

When looking to purchase a quality Used Mazda2 anywhere in the Western Cape please don’t hesitate to call us at one of three Group 1 Pre-owned Showrooms situated in Kuils River (just outside of Cape Town), Stellenbosch (in the heart of the Boland) and Knysna (strategically placed to serve the Garden Route):

Group 1 Pre-owned in Kuils River
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Group 1 Pre-owned in Stellenbosch
021 887 6900

Group 1 Pre-owned in Knysna
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Used Mazda2 in Gauteng

Johannesburg is the heart of Group 1 Pre-owned, and you can find various quality Used Mazda 2 Sedans and Hatchbacks in Gauteng on our showroom floors. Please contact us to book a test drive or chat to us about any of the Mazda2 models on this page at:

Group 1 at The Glen
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Group 1 in Midrand
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Used Mazda2 in the Eastern Cape

Used Mazda2 for Sale in the Eastern Cape can be found in our award-winning showrooms in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage! Please contact us today to chat to us about any of the vehicles you see on this website on:

Group 1 in Port Elizabeth
041 994 1800

Group 1 in Uitenhage
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