We Compare Four Of The Best Double Cab Bakkies

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Best bakkies in South Africa

Best bakkies for sale in SA compared

In America they are called trucks, in Aussie Utes and in South Africa we call them bakkies. No matter what you call them, the bakkie is a firm favourite for a huge percentage of our population. Working bakkies on farms, building sites, mines, factories and small businesses, lifestyle bakkies to pull the boat or the trailer full of bikes, for weekend bundu bashing or simply to keep the neighbours jealous.

The thing is, it is impossible to define a ‘bakkie’. From the very basic single cab 4×2 to 4×4 twin cab, all turbo, all optional extras, high-riding snarling beasts that will make Mad Max blink, and everything in between, there is a bakkie for every need and the need for more bakkie variants seems insatiable.

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Seven Pre-owned SUVs To Think About

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SUV in Woods

Seven Great SUVs

There is no such thing as a typical SUV. Some are bigger, some are rather cramped. Some are a bit too grand for anything but parking on a pavement, while some are at home in the bush. You cannot really compare cheap with cheap or large with large and get a meaningful answer.

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Which SUV Is Safer, Toyota, Isuzu or Mitsubishi?

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Toyota, Isuzu & Mitsubishi

Toyota, Isuzu & Mitsubishi

This is the type of information many people want to know and we’ve gone the distance in answering that very question. It literally is the battle royale as we compare the Toyota Fortuner 2.4 GD-6 RB AT, the Isuzu mu-X 3.0 4×2 AT6 and the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2.4 D4.

While all three are large, automatic SUVs with comfortable seating for seven people, which one tips the scale in terms of the all-important safety features? To ensure a fair fight, we’ve chosen the slightly more affordable 4×2 variants since the whole idea is to compare the list of standard active and passive safety features.

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