Which Cars Have High Ground Clearance?

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Vehicle with high ground clearance

Cars with the highest ground clearance

South Africa has an extensive road network consisting of national highways, byways and rural roads throughout all nine provinces. While efforts are made to keep roads in good condition, there are still bumps and potholes to contend with, not to mention going off-road and that requires cars with high ground clearance.

The good news is there are many cars with high good ground clearance to combat this. In this basic guide, we briefly discuss vehicles from various segments that have high ground clearance.

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Seven Pre-owned SUVs To Think About

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SUV in Woods

Seven Great SUVs

There is no such thing as a typical SUV. Some are bigger, some are rather cramped. Some are a bit too grand for anything but parking on a pavement, while some are at home in the bush. You cannot really compare cheap with cheap or large with large and get a meaningful answer.

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