Some Basic Steps To Keep Your Baby On The Road

Posted by on 17 Jul 2020 under Blog, General, Group 1 Cars

Red Car

Taking Care Of Your Car – The Basics

It can really hurt if something in your car goes wrong. Usually, most pain will be in your wallet. Most new cars are not designed for the home mechanic and any invasive tinkering may well invalidate your warranty. This does not mean you should sit and wait for something to break.

Here are some basic steps to take care of your car.

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Why You Need A Car Owner’s Manual

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Car Instructions

The Importance Of Your Car’s Manual

The best thing about a car owner’s manual is that it can answer most questions about your vehicle. All new cars come with a printed owner’s manual with some companies also making digital copies available. However, very few people actually read the entire booklet but maybe they should as it contains useful information covering just about everything.

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When Should You Replace Your Car Tyres?

Posted by on 17 Jun 2020 under Blog, General

Car Tyre

Time to Replace your Tyres?

Considering that tyres are the only parts that connect your vehicle to the road, why are so many people neglecting their tyre quality? Too many drivers fail to understand the significant impact of worn or damaged tyres on general road safety. Not taking proper care of your tyres will affect acceleration, braking, directional force and even fuel consumption.

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Stay Safe During COVID-19 With Good Car Hygiene

Posted by on 13 May 2020 under Blog, General, Group 1 Cars

Car Interior

Keeping Your Car Hygienic: What To Clean

We may not be driving around as much as normal during the coronavirus lockdown but even so, your car is a hot spot for disease-causing germs. Whether you drive to work every day or once a week grocery shopping, car hygiene is of the utmost importance.

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What Happens If You Put In The Wrong Fuel?

Posted by on 14 Apr 2020 under General, Group 1 Cars

Petrol Station

What Happens If You Fill Up Witht The Wrong Fuel?

Your car. Your pride and joy. You keep your baby clean. You service it when you have to. It was and still is expensive, but it is worth it. At home, it sleeps in the garage. At the mall, you park it out of the way, where some careless so-and-so cannot ding it.

Yet you stop at the filling station and tell the attendant to fill her up with 95 unleaded or diesel. You don’t even look at the pump, because you are checking your phone. And 99.99% of the time the attendant puts in what you ask.

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COVID-19 | CORONA VIRUS – Statement from the MD

Posted by on 16 Mar 2020 under General

Group 1 Motors

Supporting Our Customers & Staff. Together we curb the spread.

Dear Customers,

We do not often communicate as a group to our various brand customers, however, we believe this situation requires the most efficient communication method.

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Hatchback vs Sedan – Which One Is For You

Posted by on 16 Mar 2020 under Car Buying Tips, General

Volkswagen Hatchback & Audi Sedan

Hatchback Versus Sedan

My first car was an old-school Mini 1100. I think its body shape was technically a 2-door saloon. Thereafter I always drove hatchbacks, until my family needs moved me to SUVs. But what about the sedan, the familiar three-box family-car I grew up with? Did the first VW Golf in the ‘70s prove so superior that it killed off the sedan?

Let’s look at the hatchback vs the sedan.

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Staying Safe in Your Car is Mostly Common Sense

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Women In Car

Women Have A Higher Risk Of Being Unsafe In Their Cars

All South Africans are vulnerable to crime, but women are most at risk. And that risk becomes greater when a woman is driving. It is not that women are bad drivers – they are not. A woman in a car, or approaching her car or getting out of her car is visible to the predator out there. Most predator violations are opportunistic crimes. They strike when they have the opportunity to do so.

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Making Sure Oil’s Well In Your Engine

Posted by on 17 Feb 2020 under Blog, General

Pouring Car Oil

Facts And Myths About Car Oil

I am going to tell you something and then you can forget it immediately. Say your car uses SAE 5W-30 oil. What do those letters and number mean? SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers. The W stands for winter, so the number before W represents the viscosity of the oil when cold. The last number, in this case, 30, is the viscosity at normal operating temperature. So your oil will be thin enough to allow your car to start normally, even on a cold morning, and it will have the optimal viscosity for fuel consumption and wear protection when the engine is warm.

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Tips on Avoiding Accidents on our Dangerous Roads

Posted by on 03 Feb 2020 under Blog, General

Car Accident

Make You Dtay Safe And Accident Free

Avoiding accidents

It is no accident that we have so many crashes on our roads. Many of our fellow South Africans drive like drunk lemmings at the best of times, and even worse when they are drunk. Which is often. You cannot control how other people drive or how roadworthy their cars are, but here are some tips on what you can do to keep yourself and our roads safer.

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