Highway Driving vs City Driving: Which Is Better For A Car?

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Motorists on a highway

Which type of driving is better for your car?

Have you ever asked yourself which is better for your car: highway driving or city driving? When it comes to purchasing a used car, this is an important question to consider since one type is less taxing on a vehicle than the other, which can actually damage it more over time. The answer might surprise you!

Is Highway Driving Better For A Car Than City Driving?

Sometimes referred to as motorway driving or highway mileage vs town mileage, there are many differences in how the two types affect a vehicle. With that in mind, is highway driving bad for your car? It is a common question since it would be easy to assume highway driving is worse with travelling further and faster.

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Used BMW 320d – The Pride of the 3-Series

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BMW 320d

BMW 320d

Used BMW 320d for Sale at Group1 Pre-owned are a smart purchase on a whole lot of levels. Firstly there is the fact that it is a BMW, one of the most widely respected brands in the world, and secondly the 2.0-litre turbo Diesel engine is not only exceptionally responsive, but also very, very fuel frugal. But that is not all that a Used BMW 320d Sedan has to offer, as it also comes loaded with comfort and convenience features; all of which are designed to ensure the most pleasurable of driving experiences. As part of the Luxury BMW 3-series, it also comes standard with the absolute highest level of safety features, which provides ease of mind while driving!

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