Some Basic Steps To Keep Your Baby On The Road

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Taking Care Of Your Car – The Basics

It can really hurt if something in your car goes wrong. Usually, most pain will be in your wallet. Most new cars are not designed for the home mechanic and any invasive tinkering may well invalidate your warranty. This does not mean you should sit and wait for something to break.

Here are some basic steps to take care of your car.

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Why You Need A Car Owner’s Manual

Car Instructions

The Importance Of Your Car’s Manual

The best thing about a car owner’s manual is that it can answer most questions about your vehicle. All new cars come with a printed owner’s manual with some companies also making digital copies available. However, very few people actually read the entire booklet but maybe they should as it contains useful information covering just about everything.

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When Should You Replace Your Car Tyres?

Car Tyre

Time to Replace your Tyres?

Considering that tyres are the only parts that connect your vehicle to the road, why are so many people neglecting their tyre quality? Too many drivers fail to understand the significant impact of worn or damaged tyres on general road safety. Not taking proper care of your tyres will affect acceleration, braking, directional force and even fuel consumption.

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Marcel Swanepoel (MD of Group 1 Motors) reaches out to express his appreciation of all Group 1 Motors staff and customers

Marcel Swanepoel (MD of Group 1 Motors) reaches out to express his appreciation of all Group 1 Motors staff and customers. He touches on the sacrifices made, steady return to business and consolidation plans to ensure job retention, cost-cutting and the continued consideration and fulfilment of customers’ needs.

The MD of Group 1 Motors Describes The Experience and Proper Risk Management and Safety Protocols To Be Taken When a Staff Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

Marcel Swanepoel (MD of Group 1 Motors) describes the experience and proper Risk Management and Safety protocols to be taken when a staff member tests positive for COVID-19. These measures include early detection, testing, quarantining, tracing and thorough deep cleaning of the premises to limit the spread and keep customers and other staff safe.

Post-lockdown Business Risk Assessment and Operations Compliance Plan

Get your FREE Business Risk Assessment and Operations Compliance Plan and be prepared to start doing business again while keeping customers and staff safe. This generic plan is free of charge with compliments from Group 1 Motors. This is our way of helping fellow business owners and operators in these challenging times.

Watch the video, download the plan here: and SHARE this post to help other businesses.

The MD of Group 1 Motors Discussed The SA Motor Industry and Measures Implemented

The MD of the Group 1 Motors Group, Marcel Swanepoel, is reaching out to offer insight into the current and future state of the motor industry in South Africa. He discusses measures taken and to be implemented to address the current challenges, stakeholder and customer needs moving forward. Watch this video and join in the conversation.

Stay Safe During COVID-19 With Good Car Hygiene

Car Interior

Keeping Your Car Hygienic: What To Clean

We may not be driving around as much as normal during the coronavirus lockdown but even so, your car is a hot spot for disease-causing germs. Whether you drive to work every day or once a week grocery shopping, car hygiene is of the utmost importance.

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The Best Uber Cars in South Africa

Uber Driver In Car

Which Cars Are The Best For Uber?

So you’re looking to buy an Uber Car and become your own boss driving your own car in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or Durban. To help you on your way there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the Best Uber Cars for Sale in South Africa. These, in no particular order, are as follows:

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Check Engine Light – A Sign You Will Spend Money

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

That ‘check engine’  light is like being told the guy with the mask is phoning from inside your house.  Something is wrong, but until they put the decoding machine in, you don’t know what or how much it will cost.

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