Seven Pre-owned SUVs To Think About

SUV in Woods

Seven Great SUVs

There is no such thing as a typical SUV. Some are bigger, some are rather cramped. Some are a bit too grand for anything but parking on a pavement, while some are at home in the bush. You cannot really compare cheap with cheap or large with large and get a meaningful answer.


The thing is, SUVs are very popular. The higher drive height, versatile loading area, ability to go over an awkward speedbump without scraping the front – these all contribute to their allure. Many buyers prefer to look at late-model pre-owned SUVs. Good nick, low mileage, good balance of warranty left, plus the saving associated with pre-owned. Whatever suits your pocket, you are sure to find your perfect SUV.

We had a look at seven SUVs that are always in demand. Here they are, in no particular order:


Renault Duster

The Duster is a perennial favourite. Rugged good looks tempered by luxurious interior and loads of features. These cars are equally at home in the city and the bush. Dusters are available in petrol and diesel, 4×2 and 4×4 models.


Have a look at the quality pre-owned Renault Dusters on offer.


Mahindra XUV500

Born and bred in the huge and demanding Indian market, Mahindra has a reputation of a no-frills, value for money workhorse. The XUV500 retains the workhorse ethic but now boasts the looks and features to compete in the top-end SUV market.


Here is a selection of Mahindra XUV500 vehicles to look at.


Hyundai Tucson

This spacious family favourite combines sophisticated European styling with the rugged reliability Hyundai is renowned for. If you have not driven a Tucson recently, we suggest you arrange a test drive.


A quality Hyundai Tucson does not stay on the market for long, but please have a look at these.


Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail has been an iconic favourite for many years. Big, solid on the road, responsive to drive, no-nonsense, go anywhere. The newer X-Trail s offer Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility that makes it safer and better to drive in more ways than we have space here to describe. Ask your dealer. You will be surprised.


Here is a few Nissan X-Trails to consider.


Mitsubishi ASX

The ASX combines oodles of style and good looks with Mitsubishi’s legendary solid build and rugged performance. Equally, at home in the city or out in the country, the ASX offers spacious comfort at a surprisingly good price.


Here is a range of Mitsubishi ASX models to get you excited.


Ford Ecosport

Ford’s Ecosport is one of South Africa’s favourite SUVs. Its good looks, clever design and array of features are boosted by a nippy drive and great fuel economy. Although primarily used in the city, it will bash most bundus should the need arise.


You can find the Ford Ecosport here.


Toyota Rav4

If Toyota did not invent the SUV, the Rav4 most certainly shone a bright light on this family car configuration. Solidly built and giving a solid drive on tar or dirt, the Rav4 personifies Toyota’s reputation for build quality and resale value.


When they come in, they go fast, but you can keep an eye out for your Toyota Rav4 here.


Still not found your car? Here is a link where you can search by make, model, price and other parameters.

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