A Bird’s Eye Review On The Mini Cooper Range


The MINI Remains Timeless

In our opinion there are very few cars that have the youthful appeal of the modern Mini, and this has not changed since the New Mini burst onto the scene in 2001. It has retained its iconic look made famous by its Mini Mk1 predecessor, but today’s Mini is safer, bigger, more comfortable and an around better car. In fact, thanks to BMW’s influence the Mini is more a compact luxury car than a simple city run-around. And once you add bigger models like the Countryman and the Clubman the compact size of the model class is already erring on the side of SUV.

So how does the modern Mini drive?

There are a number of model variants to choose from, but they are all zippy and fun to drive! Of course, the larger models such as the Mini Countryman might not be as quick off the mark as their smaller 2-door Mini stablemates, but they more than made up for the slight loss of speed with their improved passenger space at the rear.

One thing to take heed of however is that pre-2018 models tend to be a little less refined on the road as their 2018 and 2019 cousins, with latest Mini variants feeling a little more grander than previously. Gone are the hops and skitters one would occasionally feel on poor road surfaces, with the latest models driving more like luxury cruisers than the city hatchbacks that they really are.

So is owning a Mini worth it?

Absolutely YES! They are fun and fabulous and have a level of personalisation available to them that is probably matched only by the Jeep Wrangler (you can read our review on this excellent 4×4 here). The Mini is a great car to drive and it is very much a vehicle that you can make your own in every sense of the word, even if you opt for a pre-loved model. From the Mini Pepper Pack and other accessories packs for all models to the personalised accessories you see in the video below in the latest Mini’s, owning a car like this is an adventure in creativity from start to finish.     To view our current stock of pre-owned Mini’s, please visit our site here.

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