5 Facts About Filling Stations That Are Actually Myths

Caltex Filling Station

Filling Station Facts or Myths?

Have you ever waited until morning to fill up because you believe you get more fuel earlier in the day than later? Or perhaps you had a flaming row with your significant other because they whipped out their cell to make a call while you were at the service station? Today we take a look at five facts about filling stations that are actually myths. Read on to find out more.

Filling Up In The Morning = More Fuel

Nope. The core of this myth is based on the fact that petrol expands with heat. As such, conventional wisdom dictates that you’ll get more fuel in the morning because the temperatures are lower. However, filling stations use double-walled underground tanks. This keeps the fuel at an even temperature all day long.

Cell Phones Are Dangerous At Filling Stations

Has anyone ever told you that using your cell phone at a service station can cause fires or explosions? You can now rest easy in the knowledge that the only way your phone could cause a spark is if it had a defective battery, but the same could be said of your car. So the odds are very, very low. Some may say it’s highly unlikely.

If There Is No Attendant You Can Fill Up Yourself

While France, the UK and the US all allow their citizens to pump their own gas, the same is not true in South Africa. There are certain laws that prohibit consumers from doing so themselves, due to health and safety concerns. Petrol attendants are also trained to deal with spillage and fire.

Fuel Topping Is Totally Fine

Some people prefer to fill their tanks up to the brim. This is called fuel topping and considered to be harmless. However, it has the potential to damage your evaporative system, cause leaks due to excess pressure and can lead to harmful vapours that cause unnecessary air pollution.

Petrol Station Owners Push Up Fuel Prices

In South Africa, our retail petrol price is regulated by the government. Price hikes are instituted by the Central Energy Fund (CEF) on behalf of the Department of Minerals and Energy (DME), and fuel station profits are regulated.

There you have it – five petrol station facts that are actually myths. Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months for more insider info. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with a member of the knowledgeable team at Group 1 Cars if you would like to find out more about the cars we have on offer. We have branches throughout South Africa and would be happy to assist you at every point along your purchase journey. Let’s get you behind the wheel of your dream car at a repayment rate you can afford.

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