Why Buying A Pre-Owned BMW X5 Is Still Worth It


Buying second-hand cars can be a daunting task but if you want quality and reliability, look no further than a pre-owned BMW X5. It has brought pure enjoyment to all who have owned one and proved an exceptional contender in the new and used car segments. In fact, at Group 1, our showroom floor often plays guest to several quality pre-owned SAVs (Sports Activity Vehicles) just like the BMW X5.

All pre-owned cars for sale at Group 1 undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality, performance, enjoyment, and safety. We aim to deliver pre-owned cars that are as good as the day they left the factory. And let’s face it, when it comes to quality, German engineering holds its own and that sentiment extends to new and pre-owned cars. So why should you drive a used BMW X5?

Pre-owned BMW X5 Setting The Trend Since 1999

For some time now, BMW has set the trend in many ways and none more so than the BMW X5. Since it was first launched in South Africa in 2000, their popularity surged and became highly sought after. Not only does BMW make quality cars, those who drive them, love, and look after them from the day they leave the showroom floor until the day they decide to upgrade (to the next X5).

Looking back, the first BMW X5 was certainly a trendsetter after it’s unveiling in Frankfurt as far back as 1999. The engine and electronics were based on the technology that was then used in the BMW 5 Series, and as a result, the First Generation X5 remains a very popular choice in the pre-owned market. The main reason is that the 5 Series BMW technology is easily upgradable and also compatible with even the latest convenience technologies the German manufacturer has to offer.

While there has been several tweaks and upgrades, thankfully BMW kept the X5 much the same and for good reason. The Second Generation BMW X5 was unveiled in November 2005 and included a number of technology improvements compared to the previous generation such as BMW’s new iDrive System.

They also opted for an optional third row of passenger seats which meant it could seat up to 7 people; a first for any BMW model. Once again, BMW released a facelifted model in 2011 where the technology and comfort trends continued in all subsequent models. It proved to be a big hit as the X5 became BMW’s third best-selling vehicle.

BMW X5 Driving Dynamics

The BMW X5, unlike some SUVs, doesn’t feel bulky and impresses many with the sporty, stable and smooth ride quality. It also shows off exceptional handling capabilities beyond what you might expect from a vehicle this size.

Drivers will hardly ever feel the car’s weight take control of the ride largely thanks to the revolutionary double-wishbone front suspension. It boosts lateral acceleration and directional stability which makes any new or pre-owned BMW X5 owner smile every time they get behind the wheel.

As for the road holding capabilities, all compliments must go to the BMW’s xDrive four-wheel drive system. It transfers power between the front and rear wheels depending on the available grip for optimum handling but can also be specified with ‘Adaptive Drive’ and ‘Active Steering’.

Adaptive Drive uses active hydraulic anti-roll bars to counteract cornering forces of the car. This keeps the body from leaning too heavily which can be discomforting for the driver and passengers. In addition to Adaptive Drive, the X5 incorporates an Electronic Damper Control system that makes use of several sensors to dynamically adjust the shock absorber settings to maximise comfort.

Of course, all BMW X5 models have the usual range of cutting edge safety features including traction control technology (dynamic stability control), hill descent system and exceptional off-road engine management system. Other trademark qualities that received minor adjustments over time are still in place including great handling and comfort. Fact is, passengers are the ones who benefit most as the X5 has grown somewhat wider and longer giving 40mm more legroom.

BMW X5 Engine Specifications And Performance

The BMW X5 from yesteryear still looks, handles and performs exceptionally well thanks to incredible innovation and German engineering. They introduced new engines while making significant improvements on the already impressive safety, convenience and comfort features of the BMW X5.

With a wide selection of engine specs to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the flagship 4.8-litre sporting an impressive 261 kW at 6 300 r/min while pushing an impressive 475 Nm of torque. Combined with the quick-shifting six-speed automatic gearbox, BMW claims that the V8 could reach 100km/h in 6.5 seconds. Not bad for a pre-owned BMW X5.

Other engines dating back from the first generation X5 still impress the harshest of critics and include a 2.0-litre hybrid, 3.0-litre inline-6, and a 3.0-litre diesel derivative. The diesel version really does reflect BMW’s ability to maximise power and performance while maintaining luxury, style, and space.

The current range of quality, used BMW X5 for sale at Group 1 include the xDrive50i, xDrive40e, xDrive25d, xDrive30d, xDrive40d and M50d. If you are looking to get your hands on a quality, pre-owned BMW X5 now is the time to contact Group 1 for more information and be sure to follow our blog for all the latest motoring news from around the world.

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