Top Passenger Quirks Driving Drivers Up the Wall

Annoying Passenger Habits That Have Drivers Going Bonkers

Annoying Passenger Habits That Have Drivers Going Bonkers

Will ya stop that?” Ah, every driver has uttered these words at least once in their lifetime. It’s the sheer frustration of contending with some of the most irksome passenger habits known to humanity.

Maybe it’s the ‘I’m just looking around’ passenger. You know, the one that pokes around your glove compartment and rummages through its contents like they’re on a treasure hunt. Or the WHAM! BAM! Door slammer, quick to slam your car door shut with the gusto of an Olympic sprinter.

Let’s not forget those who critique every aspect of your driving, from the way you navigate around a pothole to how you park your car. They’re not shy about offering their “expert” advice, sometimes with a playful jab, implying that your driving skills might need a bit of polish. All this is enough to ruffle the feathers of even the most courteous of drivers.

As a passenger, are you guilty of this?

Backseat driving, giving the wrong directions, and argumentative and messy passengers make up some of the biggest wind-ups for drivers. A new study by Prestone has revealed the most annoying passenger tendencies, and making the top of the list are smoking, littering and backseat driving with 29.3%, 17%, and 16.7% of the vote, respectively.

Rank Annoying Passenger Action % of Participants
1 Smoking 29.3%
2 Littering out the window 17%
3 Backseat driving 16.7%
4 Being sick 8.8%
5 Leaving litter in the car 6.2%
6 Being distracting 5.6%

Having a smoking passenger can be quite unpleasant as the smell of cigarette smoke tends to linger inside the vehicle, and could make your car seats and dashboards really stinky. Being sick did seem a little harsh, while leaving litter had us nodding along because let’s face it, it can be irritating.

The survey also quizzed on common car passenger rules and it’s no surprise that littering either in the car or out the window is an absolute no-nos for most drivers.

Another car etiquette high on the list is wearing the seatbelt and and refraining from putting your feet up on the dashboard. Besides the obvious safety concerns, failing to comply just seems a bit… Well, let’s say carefree!

The Most Annoying Passenger Is

Seems like a lot of people have quite a few complaints about their significant other’s habits. I mean, who knew that snoring in the passenger seat or constantly adjusting the radio could be such common annoyances? Whatever your partner’s ‘passenger flaw’ may be, rest assured, you’re not alone in feeling irritated by it. An estimated 32% of drivers echo the same view, but this could be because we travel with our partners the most frequently.

Children came in a strong second. But hey, kids will be kids, right? And let’s face it, their knack for breaking passenger rules is just part of the joy of parenting.

Parents followed closely in third place, with around 7% of respondents admitting that they themselves were actually the most annoying passengers, perhaps due to road rage or other strange driving habits.

Well, that sums up some of the most annoying passenger tendencies drivers have to contend with. While some may appear harmless, it always helps to set some ground rules to ebb these behaviours so you get to enjoy a pleasant ride with your passengers.

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