Own An Affordable Used Isuzu Double Cab

Isuzu Double Cab

Isuzu Double Cab

With ten distinct pickup models to choose from, there is without a doubt a Used Isuzu Double Cab for Sale at Group 1 Pre-owned which will suit your needs. Whether it is a hardcore offroad vehicle you’re looking for or a family friendly Double Cab that can also be used as a business focused light commercial vehicle (LCV) during the week, we can guarantee that we have the perfect Isuzu Double Cab for you! Originally sold in South Africa as the Isuzu KB Double Cab, the name has now changed to become more in line with Isuzu’s international offering, but the one thing that has remained the same is the legendary quality of these amazing pickups.

Choose a Quality Used Isuzu D-Max Double Cab:

Since 2002 there has been a massive demand for the D-Max Range of Isuzu Pickups (formerly known as KB Bakkies), both here in South Africa and in numerous other global markets. Currently, in their second generation, the Used Isuzu D-Max Double Cabs sold in South Africa are still as popular as ever, and along with their Single Cab and Extended Cab stablemates have made a name for themselves as tough, reliable and economical vehicles with massive curb appeal.

Meet The Isuzu D-Max Model Double Cab Range:

With its low cost of ownership, rugged reliability and a family-friendly safety reputation, the Isuzu Double Cab D-Max Models found on this page are some of the best Used Bakkies currently sold in South Africa. The following Isuzu Double Cab Models are available:

  • Isuzu D-MAX 250 HO Standard 4X2 5-Speed Manual
  • Isuzu D-MAX 250 HO Hi-Rider 4X2 5-Speed Manual
  • Isuzu D-MAX 250 HO Hi-Rider 4X4 5-Speed Manual
  • Isuzu D-MAX 250 HO X-Rider 4X2 5-Speed Manual
  • Isuzu D-MAX 250 HO X-Rider 4X4 5-Speed Manual
  • Isuzu D-MAX 250 HO LE 4X2 5-Speed Manual
  • Isuzu D-MAX 300 LX 4X2 6-Speed Manual
  • Isuzu D-MAX 300 LX 4X2 6-Speed Automatic
  • Isuzu D-MAX 300 LX 4X4 6-Speed Manual
  • Isuzu D-MAX 300 LX 4X4 6-Speed Automatic

The D-Max range of Isuzu Bakkies is the culmination of over 40 years of experience building some of the best pickups in the world. And to top it all off the Diesel Engines that power all of the South African Isuzu D-Max Bakkies have been designed and built exclusively by Isuzu, and are at the cutting edge technology of a history of building Diesel Engines which spans a production rate of more than 25 million engines built to date.

Used Isuzu KB Double Cabs

Up until 2018 the Isuzu KB was the name of the Single Cab, Extended Cab and Double Cab Isuzu Bakkies sold in South Africa. It has been an automotive legend and is still a name which is searched and very much admired by people looking to own a quality Used Isuzu Double Cab Bakkie. On this page, you will find a wide range of Used Isuzu KB Bakkies all of different body type and trim level. The one thing which they all have in common though is their mechanical reliability and exceedingly long service life. Some of the most popular year models are:

  • The 2018 Isuzu KB Double Cab
  • The 2017 Isuzu KB Double Cab
  • The 2016 Isuzu KB Double Cab

Of course, older models are also available, so please feel free to browse our impressive selection of Pre-owned Isuzu Double Cab Bakkies found on this page.

Used Isuzu Double Cab Prices

With over 40 years of Isuzu bakkies to choose from there are always more than a few models which might suit your needs. The prices of these Isuzu Double Cab Pickups are influenced by a number of factors other than age, however, and these are:

  • The Engine Type of the Isuzu Model
  • The Transmission Type of the Isuzu Model
  • The Trim Level of the Isuzu Model
  • The Added (Optional) Features which might have been added onto the Isuzu Model
  • Is there part of the Isuzu Warranty or Service Plan still available for the Isuzu Model?
  • The Condition (both body and mechanical) of the Isuzu Model

To find out more about our Used Isuzu Double Cab Prices, please contact us at one of our many Group 1 Pre-owned Showrooms situated around South Africa.

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